IP Deutschland GmbH
IP Deutschland GmbH

IP Deutschland is one of the leading advertising sales houses in Europe. With a systematic focus on screen-based media, the sales house is responsible for the ad space available on all channels as well as the online and mobile platforms of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland.

The portfolio comprises the TV channels RTL, VOX, SUPER RTL, NITRO, n-tv, RTLplus and TOGGO plus, including their Smart TV, online video and mobile programme offerings as well as websites.
IP Deutschland markets classical linear commercial campaigns and furthermore, in conjunction with ad clients and agencies, develops ad concepts for all screens.
IP Deutschland provides consultation to individual clients and agencies on their campaign and media planning, it performs the booking operations as well as the research activities accompanying the campaigns. Based on today’s on-screen media, IP Deutschland works on sales concepts for future platforms.
The portfolio is being continuously updated and expanded with respect to new transmission channels and advertising innovations so that clients are able to present market-ready concepts in the timeliest fashion.

>We are constantly developing the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland brands so that we can offer advertisers the perfect platforms for their brand communications, today and in the future.<

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